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[VIDEO] Why SMART Goals Fuel Smarketing Success

Among the key challenges faced by sales and marketing executives shifting toward an inbound selling approach are how to align these departments, quantify successes and optimize processes for the future.

An important element of this approach is goal-setting -- without objectives, how do those in sales and marketing departments know what to work toward? Shared terminology, goals and incentives leads to more effective smarketing.

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[VIDEO] The Five Fundamental Pillars of Smarketing

 Is there any friction between your sales and marketing teams? According to HubSpot, 87% of the terms sales and marketing use to describe each other are negative. If your team views your marketing efforts as projects that produce low-quality leads, and your marketers think the sales team isn’t following up effectively in the digital age, you’re probably seeing a higher cost of customer acquisition than you should be.

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Smarketing Lesson #2: Teach Salespeople To Think Like Marketers

In our last Smarketing Lesson, we learned a few things about how to align your Sales and Marketing teams. First and foremost, we acknowledged that both our marketing and selling processes have changed, and that this is largely due to the fact that consumers’ buying processes have changed. 

We also touched on a number of ways that our Marketing teams can actively learn to think like Sales, through the use of Marketing quotas, Marketing Automation Software, and closed-loop reporting with Sales. And, of course, we learned why this is so important. 

In this lesson, we’ll flip the coin, and learn how salespeople can think like marketers, as well as why they should.

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Smarketing Lesson #1: Teach Marketers To Think More Like Salespeople

We all know that the way we sell and market has changed. Customers today have more information at their fingertips and more power in the buying process than ever before. 

So, given that things have changed so much, our Sales and Marketing teams need to change as well. In order to meet the changing needs and buying behaviors of consumers, Sales and Marketing teams need to work together and align their efforts. This alignment, also known as Smarketing, requires effort from both sides.

For today's lesson, we explore how (and why) Marketers need to actively learn to think more like Sales. In order to create Smarketing, Marketers need to be invested in the revenue of the company, put on the Sales hat, be aggressive, and be bottom line-driven.

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