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9 Top Sales Blogs For B2B Executives That You Should Follow Right Now

Throughout time, seeking advice from others has been an essential step to finding success, and industry executives are no different; they often rely on the advice, data, and experiences of others in order to hone their own strategies. Fortunately - thanks to the internet - hundreds of experts share their insights every day, completely free of charge. If you're looking for easy access to some of the most valuable information available, consider following some of these top sales blogs: 

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Cut the Fluff: Put an End to Crummy Cold Sales Emails

Imagine receiving hundreds of the same humdrum sales emails each day. Sounds awful, right? Unfortunately, this is the reality for many in sales these days. Many emails never even make it to the prospect's desktop. Some are filtered out by spam barriers and others are placed in the trash by the user themselves.

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Inbound Sales > Legacy Sales

Fax machines. Home phones connected to a landline. Cable subscriptions. Legacy Sales.

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How and When Sales Should Reach Out To Prospects

In the world of smarketing, where the goal is to align sales and marketing efforts, one of the most difficult goals to achieve is streamlining lead management and sales process optimization. As proof, statistics show that most companies fail the test.

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The Value of a Pricing Page

The idea of putting a pricing page on your website may be off-putting to some colleagues, as some think it will take away the incentive for a prospective customer to send an email or make a phone call requesting more information about your products or services.

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How to Improve Marketing and Sales Alignment

The buyer is always right — now more so than ever, in part because they’re more educated about products and services thanks to a wealth of informational marketing material online. This means sales no longer controls the flow of information in the buying process. If customers have a question about a product or service, they can pull up Google and receive an answer instantly, privately, and from a variety of sources.

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5 Uniquely Easy Lead Generation Strategies

They're unique because they're easy. We all know that quality leads generated through traditional methods of prospecting can be difficult, and that to come up with new content ideas to keep your website fresh and engaging can get expensive.

What you may not know is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel to reach quality leads--compelling sales tools can be developed from the content and knowledge you already have.

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6 Killer Sales Pipeline Management Tips

When it comes to managing your Sales pipeline, you may face some issues. Your Marketing team may not be passing along enough leads to Sales or may not be passing along the right leads. Meanwhile, your Sales team may not be contacting or following up with these leads quickly enough and may not be hitting quota.

In fact, recent research surrounding pipeline management tends to be a bit disheartening. Research shows that:

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Insightly's VP of Marketing Talks Sales and Marketing Alignment, Tech

This is our second installment in a series of interviews we're calling: #SmarkLife [Interviews]. We invite successful founders, executives, and marketing and sales leaders across various industries to answer our questions on sales and marketing topics plus a few fun bonus questions.  

Our guest today is Loretta Jones, VP of Marketing at Insightly. In her career, Loretta has worked for a number of startups and in a number of management positions before joining Insightly in 2012.

We had the opportunity to talk with her about sales and marketing alignment and CRM technology. Here's what we asked.

The line between marketing and sales is becoming more blurred. In respect to CRM solutions, how is technology changing the relationship between sales and marketing functions?

Technology is making the relationship between sales and marketing more symbiotic and transparent. A good CRM toolset will provide a direct view into the sales pipeline, as well as into marketing activities. Depending on your business model, marketing may also be responsible for sales, or at least delivering leads that are “mid-funnel” as opposed to “top of the funnel.” In this case, a good CRM will keep all customer communication straight so that both sales and marketing have a history of interaction with the customer.

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Win More Deals by Leveraging Content & Marketing Insights

Okay, so you’ve generated a huge influx of inbound leads, you’ve nurtured and developed them through your sales funnel (through their Buyer’s Journey), and you’ve even reached out and made the first contact—now what?

Well, now it’s time to work toward closing those prospects into customers—it’s time to win more deals. Luckily, adopting Inbound Sales into your organization does more than just generate and nurture leads; it actually provides your Sales team a framework for systematically and effectively closing more deals, based around your company’s marketing content and insights.

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