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Don't Waste Your Time - Cold Calling Is Dead


 Cold calling can be stilted and awkward, and is largely ineffective.

Bury your high-pressure sales tactics and your unrefined contact lists, because cold calling is dead.

Though it lived an impactful life and is considered the defining voice of a generation of relentless salesmen, cold calling’s death comes as no surprise for those who knew it best. Its practices and habits are unsustainable in contemporary business, a world in which advising is valued over pushing.

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Social Sellers Are 79% More Effective, Here's Why [Infographic]

Savvy Sales teams know the importance of embarking on a social selling strategy. What they often don't know is where to begin. 

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Sales Prospecting Tips Learned From the Super Bowl

It’s that time of year again. Chicken wings, dip, nachos, beer, and 30-second commercials costing an average $4.5 million each. It can only mean one thing—the Super Bowl.

Last year’s NFL Championship game drew in over 112 million viewers, so it’s no big surprise that NBC sold all of their ad space for this year’s game, effectively creating a new revenue record. What won’t companies do to get in front of their prospects?

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Modern Sales Email Tips: Write Emails that Engage Prospects

There are over 182 million emails written daily. Just like the “do not call lists,” prospects are getting better and better at blocking sales emails out. Prospects are more risk adverse than ever before. Modern sales leaders need to adjust how they communicate with prospects to have a better chance of gaining their trust and winning their business. 

Sales is more than a science of numbers, it’s an art that requires stellar communication.  We’ve come up with some sales email tips for writing high performance emails that convert.

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The Case for Creating Sales Opportunities with Biz Dev Reps

True sales hunters love finding new deals almost as much as they love closing them.  The problem is the journey to find enough potential deals to keep the pipeline heavy requires a very different skill set not to mention a different mindset.  Beyond referrals (that's great!), the process takes time and resources when it comes to creating sales opportunities.  We’ve come up with a few reasons why creating a Business Development role is critical to your growth efforts.

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3 Sales Prospecting Tips That Prove Sales Is Still About Relationships

Sales leaders today have it so easy. Sales prospecting has never been easier. There are hundreds of tools and technologies available to the modern sales leader. They can track calls, log conversions, and even detect what piece of marketing content was responsible for generating a lead. They don't even have to meet a prospect face to face anymore!

A lot has changed since the days of our fathers and grandfathers. Try explaining how technology impacts the sales process today and they sit there, mouths agape, with a puzzling look on their face. You know what they’re thinking: “Back in my day, we traveled all over the country to meet our prospects…” blah, blah, blah. Well Gramps, those days have changed. (Thankfully!) But while the methods we use to connect with prospects may have changed, the importance of nurturing relationships has not. 

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