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[VIDEO] Cold Calling Sucks: How NOT to Prospect

If you’ve ever struggled to connect with a prospect, you’re not alone. Every salesperson has made mistakes on the phone, and probably lost a potential client or two by doing something stupid.

The SmarkLabs team had a little bit of fun with some nightmare scenarios. Check out the video to see if any of these phone flubs are familiar, or just to have a laugh on us.

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Sales Prospecting Tips Learned From the Super Bowl

It’s that time of year again. Chicken wings, dip, nachos, beer, and 30-second commercials costing an average $4.5 million each. It can only mean one thing—the Super Bowl.

Last year’s NFL Championship game drew in over 112 million viewers, so it’s no big surprise that NBC sold all of their ad space for this year’s game, effectively creating a new revenue record. What won’t companies do to get in front of their prospects?

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The Case for Creating Sales Opportunities with Biz Dev Reps

True sales hunters love finding new deals almost as much as they love closing them.  The problem is the journey to find enough potential deals to keep the pipeline heavy requires a very different skill set not to mention a different mindset.  Beyond referrals (that's great!), the process takes time and resources when it comes to creating sales opportunities.  We’ve come up with a few reasons why creating a Business Development role is critical to your growth efforts.

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The State of Inbound 2016

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