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Why It's Time to Include Demo Videos in Your List of Sales Enablement Tools

Type "sales enablement tools" into Google, and you get a whopping 709,000 results. Scroll down the list, and you'll see a blend of content analytics plugins, sales training tools, sales management applications and much more. Forty percent of companies say they now use sales enablement metrics, and these tools serve various functions: business intelligence, B2B marketing and lead generation.

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Top Trends in B2B Marketing Strategy to Consider

When you're researching marketing ideas for your company, you'll likely come across loads of advice that doesn't apply to your business model. Most marketing advice is aimed at companies that sell directly to consumers, which usually isn't relevant to B2B marketing. When you're a business selling to other businesses, you have a whole new set of rules to follow. Here are some of the best B2B marketing strategy trends that will help your sales shoot through the roof.

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Why Should Sales Care About Your Company Blog?

If this was 2006, SmarkLabs would be advocating for starting a blog on your website to attract attention to your company. Because ten years ago, blogging was a pretty smart way to get people to find your website.

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Bridging Divide Between Sales/Buyers

Marketing and Sales alignment is important, no matter what industry you’re in. After decades of separation between Marketing and Sales, it's a very difficult process to nail down.

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Sales Enablement Tools: Tips, Best Practices & Strategy

Sales enablement is the process with which Sales and Marketing remove themselves from the mindset of working separately and learn to bring their talents together to close more deals. In short, sales enablement puts the right tools and resources in the hands of your sales reps so that they can present them to their prospects at the right time. 

Because buyers today are more risk-averse, sales enablement tools are a necessity for Sales teams looking to differentiate themselves. In this article, we examine what these buyers look like, why Sales and Marketing are disconnected, and best practices for creating a sales enablement strategy that maps your tools and resources to the sales cycle. 

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Sales Enablement Tools: Keys To Building Trust To Win Sales

It’s been said again and again: The process today’s buyers go through has changed dramatically because of all the information readily available on the Internet. And today, that information is literally available at their fingertips. This has been repeated so frequently because, well, it’s true.

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What Is Sales Enablement? Best Practices For Sales and Marketing

When the average buyer today is somewhere between two-thirds and 90% of the way through the buyer’s journey before they make their first contact with Sales, it’s imperative to align your Marketing and Sales teams to create sales enablement. 

Sales enablement is the process of placing the most effective content marketing assets into the hands of the right sellers at the right time in order to further sales opportunities throughout the buyer’s journey.

The need for more effective sales support is growing—here’s how businesses today work towards a better sales enablement process through Sales and Marketing alignment. 


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