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The 5 Best Sales Books for B2B Marketers

Continuing education is a proven way to succeed in any career field. Conferences and training workshops are great tools to teach new sales models or techniques, but it is not always feasible to hop on a plane to attend the next seminar.

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[VIDEO] Cold Calling Sucks: How NOT to Prospect

If you’ve ever struggled to connect with a prospect, you’re not alone. Every salesperson has made mistakes on the phone, and probably lost a potential client or two by doing something stupid.

The SmarkLabs team had a little bit of fun with some nightmare scenarios. Check out the video to see if any of these phone flubs are familiar, or just to have a laugh on us.

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Building a Company Sales Culture For Growth Should Be a Priority

An increase in the need for sales and marketing alignment within successful companies has prompted a stronger push for building a company culture around growth. Company culture isn’t just for the cool tech startup; it should be engrained in the mission and values of every organization that is looking ahead to future growth.

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The State of Inbound 2016

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