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Six Effective Ways To Promote Your Video Marketing Content

55% of people watch online video content on a daily basis. Suffice it to say that your videos should be central to your marketing strategy. After all, what good is your product if you can't convince anyone to try it? The way that you market yourself is essential to your success, and to that end, here are six effective ways to promote your video marketing content.

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An Interview With A CEO: Matt Ostanik of FunnelWise

The modern sales and marketing professions are becoming increasingly intertwined, and with good reason; to generate truly qualified leads, sales and marketing departments must be in constant communication regarding company messaging and revenue goals. 

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An Interview with FunnelWise: The Importance of Sales and Marketing Alignment

All too often, organizations rely on either sales or marketing efforts to drive business growth and ensure customer satisfaction. However, when the best of both disciplines work in collaboration and focus on complete funnel development, companies begin to see real results. The complete sales and marketing funnel consists of one funnel that measures the impact and progression of integrated sales and marketing efforts. 

FunnelWise is hosting a “Driving Results With Funnel Metrics” event on September 29 at Chicago’s hub for the city’s thriving technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem, 1871, to discuss how organizations leverage revenue funnel metrics to improve growth, planning and performance.

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The Data-Backed Case for an SLA Between Marketing and Sales

Sure, you’re likely aware that aligning your sales and marketing teams is best practice in the world of inbound selling. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines KPIs and sets expectations for both sides is considered the most effective approach. But creating an SLA and changing lingering negative perceptions between the two teams might be a big ask of your company - how can you prove that doing so is going to yield results that make it worth it?

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The State of Inbound 2016

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