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Four Reasons Why B2B Companies Fail At Content Marketing

Too often, strategic content marketing is reserved for the consumer market. However, there's every opportunity for utilization and optimization in the B2B market, as well. B2B companies who try to implement content marketing often misunderstand the concept, thinking that strategies must be modified in huge, overarching ways due to differences in the B2C and the B2B markets. Here are just a few additional reasons that B2B companies fail at content marketing:

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Content Distribution More Important Than Content Creation

Content distribution has replaced content creation as the most important marketing goal. While “content is king” has been a buzzword for the last few years, savvy marketers have realized that distribution is the biggest challenge facing content creators today.

Even stellar messaging is virtually useless if no one reads it, and with volumes of fresh content being produced every day, attracting the attention of your target prospects is an uphill battle.
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Why B2B Content Should Be Targeting Millennials

You already know content is king, but what's not always so clear is who's reading the content. In particular, many content creators in the B2B world assume that targeting younger readers -- including millennials -- is a waste of time because those readers are not making the purchasing decisions. But it turns out this is no longer true. While you've been busy coming up with a content strategy, millennials have been getting older and replacing their post-college entry-level positions with middle management roles that have a pretty big influence on their company. Here's what this means for your B2B content efforts.

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Map Your Content for Better Buyers' Journeys

So you've defined your buyer personas, but you're having trouble finding them in real life. See how to successfully align your marketing and sales to find those elusive customers by mapping out the buyer's journey with a content map.

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Why a 90-Day Roadmap is More Important Than a 12-Month Roadmap

While it’s natural for people to think in terms of yearly objectives, it’s not the best way to handle marketing. That’s because one of the worst things that can happen to a company’s marketing plan is that it becomes irrelevant. In the modern marketing landscape, a 12-month marketing plan is too slow to develop.

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