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Outbound Sales Tactics Are Back In Style

As we all know, inbound marketing and sales are all the rage—they’re effective, customer-focused, and proven to have positive impact on your company’s revenue growth.

However, outbound sales tactics are back in style! Though it’s still not time to break out your cold calls or spam emails.

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Has Sales Really Changed, Or Is It All Hype?

Has Sales really changed? It depends on who you ask. Millennials and younger generations of sales leaders might say no, because they don't know any different. But ask the veteran sales leaders and their answer will undoubtedly be "yes". 

Yes, Sales has changed. In the old days, radio ads, telemarketing, and television ads used to tell our customers what they needed, and why our products and services were the answers to their problems. Our salespeople used to serve as gatekeepers to information, providing it only to those who bought into our company.

Now, buyers are armed with more information than ever before, making the traditional gatekeeping sales rep a thing of the past. How can modern sales leaders hope to compete in this complexing buying environment? 

With a modern approach to selling that puts the customer first. 

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The State of Inbound 2016

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