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Bringing Marketing Automation to Mobile

Changes within the world of business are causing the idea of specific "business hours" to fade away. Customers are located all around the world, encompassing many different time zones and schedules. In order to reach all of these individuals, businesses are moving into environment where online communication never stops and connections can be made at any time of day.

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Why a 90-Day Roadmap is More Important Than a 12-Month Roadmap

While it’s natural for people to think in terms of yearly objectives, it’s not the best way to handle marketing. That’s because one of the worst things that can happen to a company’s marketing plan is that it becomes irrelevant. In the modern marketing landscape, a 12-month marketing plan is too slow to develop.

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The Evolution of Marketing: How We Got To The Smarketing Age

I've always operated under the belief that you can't know where you're going, unless you know where you've been. As marketers and salespeople, this couldn't be more true. We analyze the efforts of the past, and over time, as they evolve, so do we. 

The evolution of Marketing in particular has witnessed significant milestones, from print and TV ads, to the digital age we live in today. Marketing has always played an important role in delivering information to potential customers, taking advantage of the technological changes over the years.

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Top Trends: Business Strategies For 2015

We love New Years. Not because it’s a chance to get dressed up, or watch the ball drop, or bang pots and pans outside at midnight (do people still do that?). We love New Years for the weeks leading up to it. New Years makes us evaluate our performance for the past year and figure out how we are going to make next year even better.

By this time, as New Years approaches in a few short weeks, you’ve already begun to hammer out your strategy for next year. You’ve gone through the numbers, compared campaigns, and decided what worked well and what fell short.

As you craft your strategy for next year, you’re probably also thinking about industry trends and influences that played a role in your sales and marketing efforts this year. What will these trends hold for next year? And how will your strategy reflect the business forecast?

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The Death of Clip Art and the Future of Content Marketing

The death of Clip Art hit a personal note for me last week. Scenes started to flash through my mind of projects and papers where I used 90’s-looking graphics to “enhance” my work. Hard to believe those days are over.

Microsoft’s announcement that Office users would now be prompted to Bing Search for images is not really surprising though. Most people go straight to their search engines for images anyway. An abundance of arguably excellent information is literally at our fingertips and in the palm of our hands. And I know that when I was a kid, I never considered this possibility. That’s something that younger generations just won’t be able to grasp. 

This development has prompted some serious thinking for us. What is in store for the future of content marketing? 

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5 Key SEO Trends for 2015 That Will Change Marketing Forever

Okay "forever" was bold but as marketers, we know the playing field is constantly shifting. One day keywords are in, the next they’re not. It’s a lot to keep track of. As this year winds down, we are shifting our focus to the greener pastures ahead—2015.

What will SEO mean for marketers in 2015? It’s a question we’re all pondering. So we asked our crystal ball for some insight. Here’s what we uncovered: five key trends to keep in mind as we move into next year.

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The State of Inbound 2016

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