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How the Right Overview Video Can Be Your #1 Sales Tool

Did you know four times as many people would rather watch video about a service or product than read a blog or article about it?

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Bringing Marketing Automation to Mobile

Changes within the world of business are causing the idea of specific "business hours" to fade away. Customers are located all around the world, encompassing many different time zones and schedules. In order to reach all of these individuals, businesses are moving into environment where online communication never stops and connections can be made at any time of day.

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5 B2B Lead Generation Tactics Used by Top Growth Marketers

Every business needs leads to create revenue and stay ahead of the competition. Getting those leads, however, is not so easy.“A lot of getting ‘leads’ has to do with a lifestyle of consistent marketing efforts, a constant cultivation of industry relationships, and the organic mashup of all kinds of interactions, activities, behaviors, and efforts,”says conversion consultant Jeremy Smith of

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Why You Need Revenue-Based Content Marketing


Are you producing more valuable content than ever before but not seeing any changes on the bottom line?

Maybe you’re doing it wrong.

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Four Reasons Why B2B Companies Fail At Content Marketing

Too often, strategic content marketing is reserved for the consumer market. However, there's every opportunity for utilization and optimization in the B2B market, as well. B2B companies who try to implement content marketing often misunderstand the concept, thinking that strategies must be modified in huge, overarching ways due to differences in the B2C and the B2B markets. Here are just a few additional reasons that B2B companies fail at content marketing:

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Top Trends in B2B Marketing Strategy to Consider

When you're researching marketing ideas for your company, you'll likely come across loads of advice that doesn't apply to your business model. Most marketing advice is aimed at companies that sell directly to consumers, which usually isn't relevant to B2B marketing. When you're a business selling to other businesses, you have a whole new set of rules to follow. Here are some of the best B2B marketing strategy trends that will help your sales shoot through the roof.

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Why B2B Content Should Be Targeting Millennials

You already know content is king, but what's not always so clear is who's reading the content. In particular, many content creators in the B2B world assume that targeting younger readers -- including millennials -- is a waste of time because those readers are not making the purchasing decisions. But it turns out this is no longer true. While you've been busy coming up with a content strategy, millennials have been getting older and replacing their post-college entry-level positions with middle management roles that have a pretty big influence on their company. Here's what this means for your B2B content efforts.

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The State of Inbound 2016

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