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5 B2B Lead Generation Tactics Used by Top Growth Marketers

Every business needs leads to create revenue and stay ahead of the competition. Getting those leads, however, is not so easy.“A lot of getting ‘leads’ has to do with a lifestyle of consistent marketing efforts, a constant cultivation of industry relationships, and the organic mashup of all kinds of interactions, activities, behaviors, and efforts,”says conversion consultant Jeremy Smith of

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How Lifecycle Marketing Works in the B2B Funnel

Definition: Lifecycle Marketing refers to marketing and sales campaigns that address your customers/buyers’ needs as they journey down the funnel.

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Solo Smarketing Hacks To Scale Your Business

Okay “Do it yourselfers,” this one is for you.  You need to automate and scale quickly, but the budget is limited (limited but not none), so for the time being, your boss (maybe yourself) hopes you’ll figure it out. This is a good time to ask for a bonus plan for your exclusive smarketing (sales + marketing) role. Because the ability to perform both a sales and marketing function effectively deserves a big reward.

So let's get into it, the solo smarketing hacks your business needs to scale quickly. 


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5 Uniquely Easy Lead Generation Strategies

They're unique because they're easy. We all know that quality leads generated through traditional methods of prospecting can be difficult, and that to come up with new content ideas to keep your website fresh and engaging can get expensive.

What you may not know is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel to reach quality leads--compelling sales tools can be developed from the content and knowledge you already have.

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Content Marketing For Dummies: A 10 Step Starter Guide

Okay. So you’re busy, right? You don’t have much time between reading this and getting to lunch or checking out for the day. Maybe you’ve got a conference call or a meeting in an hour. But at the same time, you need some help with your content marketing...because you've heard everyone talking about how you need it to generate leads. Well, they're right. But don’t worry—this will be quick.

Below is a 10 step starter guide to get you on the path to content marketing glory. After these brief takeaways, you’ll hopefully be more focused in your content marketing plan and lead generation strategy, and still have time to make it to lunch. Let’s dive in.

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The Hand Off: From a Marketing Qualified Lead To a Sales Qualified Lead

When on the ice, Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane know just how to connect. They read each other, they know their plays, and they work together to turn assists into game-winning goals. With just a little less ice and without the shoulder pads, your Sales and Marketing Teams can work together to turn leads into sales in a similar manner.

But, just as Toews and Kane have to read one another and internalize their plays, both Sales and Marketing have to work together in establishing how and when a lead gets passed from Marketing to Sales.

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The Sales Team 6: LeadGen Secret Weapons Developed By Marketing

Let’s be honest here. We all know that the Sales team is the guts and glory of the business. They’re the ones going in on the front lines, doing the dirty work, negotiating, and winning the battle. They get all the honors after the deal has closed. But what about the Marketing team?

If the Sales team is the brute force, the ones that carry out the mission, Marketing is their secret weapon. Marketing creates the tools Sales needs to get the job done. Under the content marketing umbrella, there are 6 secret weapons that promote LeadGen and lead nurturing efforts. We call these the Sales Team 6.

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Inbound Sales Tips For The Modern Sales Leader

We don’t have to tell you that the buying process has changed. You are out there experiencing it every day. Decision makers have unprecedented access to information about you, your company, your products or services, and your competitors. They are better equipped to navigate through the plethora of solutions to find what they want. And that means they are well-equipped to negotiate on costs. 

What does that mean for your sales reps? How will your sales team continue to engage with prospects and convert them into customers? The answer: use inbound sales methods to leverage lead generation.

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How a Marketing Quota Works To Enable Sales Growth

A Marketing quota? Yes. If you don't already have one, it's time to start thinking about how you will hold Marketing accountable for sales growth. The complex buying process has spawned a need for Sales and Marketing to work together to generate more leads and convert those leads into sales opportunities. Both sides support each other as they work towards measurable goals.

It’s a complicated concept for teams to grasp if they’ve never assigned Marketing a quota before. And your Marketing team may not be happy about it at first. But the profitability of your business is dependent on the ability of Sales and Marketing to work together. So get your teams on board with this process or get ready to jump ship.

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B2B Demand Generation or LeadGen? Use Both To Grow Your Business

The beginning of the year always begins on an ambitious note. However, as the months and quarters go by, some of that ambition begins to wane. That’s not to say you don’t still have the same goals you started with in January, but the realities of running a business manifest and it becomes harder to keep those ambitious resolutions.

Maybe these goals sound familiar: create brand awareness and generate more quality leads, or in other words, achieve demand generation and lead generation. These goals require very different strategies, but you can kill two birds with one stone using one powerful weapon—inbound marketing.

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