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6 Questions to Ask About Your Lead Scoring Process

Research shows that 93% of companies that have adopted inbound into their organizations have seen an increase in lead generation. And that’s great! Except that as your number of leads increase, the time you can spend contacting and sorting each individual lead dwindles—which is why it’s important to have an established lead scoring process in place, with the help of marketing automation software.

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How Does Lead Scoring Boost Sales Conversions? [Infographic]

Big data, predictive analytics, lead scoring. All of these terms can essentially mean the same thing: they help sales and marketing teams improve sales conversions. 

Lead scoring isn't a new concept, but when combined with marketing efforts, lead scoring can take on a whole new meaning. This infographic attempts to illustrate the benefits that lead scoring and its' data can have for companies looking to grow. 

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The State of Inbound 2016

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