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5 B2B Website Design Tactics That Maximize Inbound Lead Conversions

One of the primary quandaries facing B2B companies is how to design a website that will maximize inbound lead conversions. Pinpointing what causes a potential B2B buyer to inquire about your products or engage your services versus leaving your website and never returning can be difficult. In general, B2B vendors need to understand what their potential leads are looking for in a vendor and use this information to cultivate an aura of credibility and trustworthiness around their B2B website. To that end, following these five design tactics will help you craft a B2B website that encourages leads to take the next step.

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5 B2B Lead Generation Tactics Used by Top Growth Marketers

Every business needs leads to create revenue and stay ahead of the competition. Getting those leads, however, is not so easy.“A lot of getting ‘leads’ has to do with a lifestyle of consistent marketing efforts, a constant cultivation of industry relationships, and the organic mashup of all kinds of interactions, activities, behaviors, and efforts,”says conversion consultant Jeremy Smith of

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Why Today's Sales Team Needs Marketing Qualified Leads To Close Deals

The ultimate goal of every Sales team is to close Sales Qualified Leads into customers. You know you need x amount of qualified leads in the pipeline in order to close x amount of deals every month. But do you know how many Marketing Qualified Leads you need?

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Content Marketing For Dummies: A 10 Step Starter Guide

Okay. So you’re busy, right? You don’t have much time between reading this and getting to lunch or checking out for the day. Maybe you’ve got a conference call or a meeting in an hour. But at the same time, you need some help with your content marketing...because you've heard everyone talking about how you need it to generate leads. Well, they're right. But don’t worry—this will be quick.

Below is a 10 step starter guide to get you on the path to content marketing glory. After these brief takeaways, you’ll hopefully be more focused in your content marketing plan and lead generation strategy, and still have time to make it to lunch. Let’s dive in.

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The Sales Team 6: LeadGen Secret Weapons Developed By Marketing

Let’s be honest here. We all know that the Sales team is the guts and glory of the business. They’re the ones going in on the front lines, doing the dirty work, negotiating, and winning the battle. They get all the honors after the deal has closed. But what about the Marketing team?

If the Sales team is the brute force, the ones that carry out the mission, Marketing is their secret weapon. Marketing creates the tools Sales needs to get the job done. Under the content marketing umbrella, there are 6 secret weapons that promote LeadGen and lead nurturing efforts. We call these the Sales Team 6.

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