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3 Things Effective Sales Leaders Do To Knock It Outta The Park

Often times we judge the success of something based on its’ outcome. This makes sense. The outcome is our goal. But what about how we get to the desired outcome? How can we measure the success of the actions we take to achieve our goals?

In sales, we judge salespeople on how many deals they close in a quarter, whether or not they hit their quota, and how many leads they have in their pipeline. These are tangible measurements of success based on outcomes. But something else you should be measuring is how your sales team operates. What actions do they take to achieve these goals? How do they prepare themselves to be better sales leaders?

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What Chicagoans Can Teach Sales About A WARM Leads Process

Winter in the Windy City. When temps drop and the city freezes over for about four months, we Chicagoans know that investing in a warm winter coat is a necessity. And, if there’s any truth in the Old Farmer’s Almanac, we’re looking at another cold and snowy winter season this year, making that winter coat all the more important.

Your sales process is no different. Just as you invest in a warm coat, you need to invest in a warm sales process that nurtures leads. Nobody wants to be left out in the cold.

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The Sixth Man: Using Sales Insights to Enable the Sales Process

In the NBA, the Sixth Man award is given to the league's best performing player coming off the bench as a substitute (the sixth man).  It’s significance points to the value this player brings to the overall team’s performance and the fact that championships are won with contributions from the entire team, including their substitutes.

So who’s your sixth man? Well, great sales professionals will win you a few games. But calling in sales insights from the bench will win championships. Here’s why. 

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Inside Sales Strategies You Should Already Be Using

Cold calling is dead. It’s an ancient and outdated sales tactic that is more disruptive than anything. That said, it certainly doesn’t help your inbound marketing efforts. As we know, as customer’s buying habits change, so should our inside sales strategies. We’ve outlined a few key points to push you in the right direction to sales success.

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The State of Inbound 2016

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