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Why Should Sales Care About Your Company Blog?

If this was 2006, SmarkLabs would be advocating for starting a blog on your website to attract attention to your company. Because ten years ago, blogging was a pretty smart way to get people to find your website.

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Inbound Sales > Legacy Sales

Fax machines. Home phones connected to a landline. Cable subscriptions. Legacy Sales.

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The Value of a Pricing Page

The idea of putting a pricing page on your website may be off-putting to some colleagues, as some think it will take away the incentive for a prospective customer to send an email or make a phone call requesting more information about your products or services.

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How to Align with an Inbound Marketing Agency

If you’ve been considering hiring on an inbound marketing/sales agency, there couldn’t be a better time. As consumer behavior changes, some agencies across the country are beginning to follow suit. Though most agencies continue to operate on a billable hours model or a points-based model, some agencies are making room for more results-driven, value-based models.

These agencies are starting to see the bigger picture. They’re learning to think past one-off campaigns and deliverables as their sole purpose, as that simply isn’t the model businesses are looking for in an agency. Instead, these agencies are focusing on how they can impact your bottom line, and how to reach your potential customers with the information they want, where and when they want it.

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Improve the Way You Sell with These 10 Inbound Sales Tips

 Buyer behavior is changing. Because of all the information readily available on the Internet, buyers now have the power in the buying-selling relationship. And because they don’t need to come directly to Sales reps for information, you may have less opportunities to even make pitches.

However, as shown by a recent study conducted by Moz and Fractl, buyers agree that inbound marketing tactics are effective ways to reach them, as illustrated in the chart below:

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Win More Deals by Leveraging Content & Marketing Insights

Okay, so you’ve generated a huge influx of inbound leads, you’ve nurtured and developed them through your sales funnel (through their Buyer’s Journey), and you’ve even reached out and made the first contact—now what?

Well, now it’s time to work toward closing those prospects into customers—it’s time to win more deals. Luckily, adopting Inbound Sales into your organization does more than just generate and nurture leads; it actually provides your Sales team a framework for systematically and effectively closing more deals, based around your company’s marketing content and insights.

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Sales Tips for Engaging with Inbound Leads

If your company is beginning to see the benefits of your inbound marketing efforts, if you’re starting to see more and more inbound leads coming to your website and downloading your content, it’s time to take the next step—engaging with your inbound leads.

Despite the fact that Marketing is usually responsible for the top of the funnel (ToFu), Sales can be involved throughout the Buyer’s Journey, throughout the entirety of the sales funnel. By adopting Inbound Sales, following the principle of Always Be Helping, and by establishing yourself as a trusted advisor, you can create a meaningful relationship with your leads from the very beginning, which can be carried through to the end.

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Outbound Sales Tactics Are Back In Style

As we all know, inbound marketing and sales are all the rage—they’re effective, customer-focused, and proven to have positive impact on your company’s revenue growth.

However, outbound sales tactics are back in style! Though it’s still not time to break out your cold calls or spam emails.

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Q1 Quotas Stressing You Out? Use These Inbound Sales Tips!

With Q1 coming to a close, your Sales and Marketing teams are likely frantic to meet quota and close deals in these last few weeks. Fortunately, through Smarketing and inbound selling methods, both teams can work together to bring prospects further through the buyer’s journey and hopefully close them into customers.

It all comes down to the buyer’s journey, the process through which decision makers identify and analyze challenges to ultimately decide on a solution. Sales and Marketing need to work their pipeline together using inbound sales tips and strategies to meet their Q1 quotas. It's the final countdown. Here we go. 

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Inbound Selling = The New Solution Selling

Everything is changing. From the way we buy to the way we sell, and everything in between.

We’re living in a revolution, a sales revolution, and it’s time to adapt our strategies. Unlike in the old days, when salespeople served as gatekeepers, tempting potential buyers into conversations with the allure of information, buyers are now hold all of the power. The internet has provided buyers with the opportunity to research every aspect of every product and service on the market—even yours.  

And yet, there is still hope. Salespeople are not extinct, and are still imperative to the survival of business. However, they must fill a slightly different role. They must fill the role of the inbound salesperson.

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The State of Inbound 2016

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