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5 Steps to the Perfect Explainer Video Script

An explainer video is a powerful marketing tool, summing up the advantages of your product or service in a short, entertaining format. One of the most important steps of explainer video production (and arguably one of the trickiest) is to write a great script. According to Kissmetrics, "A well written script is the key to a successful explainer video. It’s the foundation upon which everything else is built." 

While hiring outside help to write your video's script for you is an option, if you are choosing to go at it alone, be sure and follow these 5 steps to writing the perfect explainer video script:

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7 Tips To Create The Perfect Landing Page For Your Next Webinar

In today’s web-based world where business is conducted increasingly online and meetings are held either over-the-phone or behind a screen, it makes sense that companies who are looking to establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry would want to host webinars. Webinars are a great way to network with fellow professionals, all while increasing brand awareness for your company and developing your reputation as an industry expert - right from the comfort of your own office (or home).

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5 B2B Website Design Tactics That Maximize Inbound Lead Conversions

One of the primary quandaries facing B2B companies is how to design a website that will maximize inbound lead conversions. Pinpointing what causes a potential B2B buyer to inquire about your products or engage your services versus leaving your website and never returning can be difficult. In general, B2B vendors need to understand what their potential leads are looking for in a vendor and use this information to cultivate an aura of credibility and trustworthiness around their B2B website. To that end, following these five design tactics will help you craft a B2B website that encourages leads to take the next step.

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Video Marketing Trends For B2B Companies | Inbound Marketing

To say that a video marketing strategy should be the foundation of any B2B campaign in the modern era is something of an understatement. Video marketing isn't just popular - it's also wildly effective, particularly when it comes to insuring a ROI for your company. According to a study conducted by HubSpot, video marketing can improve just about every aspect of your campaign in a variety of ways. Even the simple act of including a well-produced, professional video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by an incredible 80%. Video marketing is an efficient way to increase exposure in the B2B space, as 92% of mobile video consumers are likely to share a video they enjoy with others.

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The Data-Backed Case for an SLA Between Marketing and Sales

Sure, you’re likely aware that aligning your sales and marketing teams is best practice in the world of inbound selling. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines KPIs and sets expectations for both sides is considered the most effective approach. But creating an SLA and changing lingering negative perceptions between the two teams might be a big ask of your company - how can you prove that doing so is going to yield results that make it worth it?

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Certifications Make Your Team Better at HubSpot and Inbound

For years, the HubSpot Certification and the Inbound Certification served as core training for those new to HubSpot, teaching the principles and practices of inbound marketing as well as how to use its marketing automation and CRM platform. Now, there are even more resources available.

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How to Align with an Inbound Marketing Agency

If you’ve been considering hiring on an inbound marketing/sales agency, there couldn’t be a better time. As consumer behavior changes, some agencies across the country are beginning to follow suit. Though most agencies continue to operate on a billable hours model or a points-based model, some agencies are making room for more results-driven, value-based models.

These agencies are starting to see the bigger picture. They’re learning to think past one-off campaigns and deliverables as their sole purpose, as that simply isn’t the model businesses are looking for in an agency. Instead, these agencies are focusing on how they can impact your bottom line, and how to reach your potential customers with the information they want, where and when they want it.

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Improve the Way You Sell with These 10 Inbound Sales Tips

 Buyer behavior is changing. Because of all the information readily available on the Internet, buyers now have the power in the buying-selling relationship. And because they don’t need to come directly to Sales reps for information, you may have less opportunities to even make pitches.

However, as shown by a recent study conducted by Moz and Fractl, buyers agree that inbound marketing tactics are effective ways to reach them, as illustrated in the chart below:

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Insightly's VP of Marketing Talks Sales and Marketing Alignment, Tech

This is our second installment in a series of interviews we're calling: #SmarkLife [Interviews]. We invite successful founders, executives, and marketing and sales leaders across various industries to answer our questions on sales and marketing topics plus a few fun bonus questions.  

Our guest today is Loretta Jones, VP of Marketing at Insightly. In her career, Loretta has worked for a number of startups and in a number of management positions before joining Insightly in 2012.

We had the opportunity to talk with her about sales and marketing alignment and CRM technology. Here's what we asked.

The line between marketing and sales is becoming more blurred. In respect to CRM solutions, how is technology changing the relationship between sales and marketing functions?

Technology is making the relationship between sales and marketing more symbiotic and transparent. A good CRM toolset will provide a direct view into the sales pipeline, as well as into marketing activities. Depending on your business model, marketing may also be responsible for sales, or at least delivering leads that are “mid-funnel” as opposed to “top of the funnel.” In this case, a good CRM will keep all customer communication straight so that both sales and marketing have a history of interaction with the customer.

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Win More Deals by Leveraging Content & Marketing Insights

Okay, so you’ve generated a huge influx of inbound leads, you’ve nurtured and developed them through your sales funnel (through their Buyer’s Journey), and you’ve even reached out and made the first contact—now what?

Well, now it’s time to work toward closing those prospects into customers—it’s time to win more deals. Luckily, adopting Inbound Sales into your organization does more than just generate and nurture leads; it actually provides your Sales team a framework for systematically and effectively closing more deals, based around your company’s marketing content and insights.

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