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Certifications Make Your Team Better at HubSpot and Inbound

For years, the HubSpot Certification and the Inbound Certification served as core training for those new to HubSpot, teaching the principles and practices of inbound marketing as well as how to use its marketing automation and CRM platform. Now, there are even more resources available.

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HubSpot CRM Consultants: Why We Left The Salesforce Platform

As a sales professional, my CRM (customer relationship management) is both my bible, fortune teller, and sometimes my worst nightmare.  In other words, I believe in it, it can predict my future sales, but sometimes I just can’t stand it. I started my sales career about 10 years ago with a fortune 500 company in a top sales organization…this is where I was introduced to my first CRM which I think was a homegrown system. It was a great introduction to “managing the pipeline” but the problem was the chaotic mess it could create. The integration with internal email systems, the dated irrelevant prospect notes from years ago, and our constant IT helpdesk issues.  It felt like I was managing a beast more than a sales pipeline.  Then I found! 

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The State of Inbound 2016

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