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5 B2B Lead Generation Tactics Used by Top Growth Marketers

Every business needs leads to create revenue and stay ahead of the competition. Getting those leads, however, is not so easy.“A lot of getting ‘leads’ has to do with a lifestyle of consistent marketing efforts, a constant cultivation of industry relationships, and the organic mashup of all kinds of interactions, activities, behaviors, and efforts,”says conversion consultant Jeremy Smith of

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Why You Need Revenue-Based Content Marketing


Are you producing more valuable content than ever before but not seeing any changes on the bottom line?

Maybe you’re doing it wrong.

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Four Reasons Why B2B Companies Fail At Content Marketing

Too often, strategic content marketing is reserved for the consumer market. However, there's every opportunity for utilization and optimization in the B2B market, as well. B2B companies who try to implement content marketing often misunderstand the concept, thinking that strategies must be modified in huge, overarching ways due to differences in the B2C and the B2B markets. Here are just a few additional reasons that B2B companies fail at content marketing:

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Map Your Content for Better Buyers' Journeys

So you've defined your buyer personas, but you're having trouble finding them in real life. See how to successfully align your marketing and sales to find those elusive customers by mapping out the buyer's journey with a content map.

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Win More Deals by Leveraging Content & Marketing Insights

Okay, so you’ve generated a huge influx of inbound leads, you’ve nurtured and developed them through your sales funnel (through their Buyer’s Journey), and you’ve even reached out and made the first contact—now what?

Well, now it’s time to work toward closing those prospects into customers—it’s time to win more deals. Luckily, adopting Inbound Sales into your organization does more than just generate and nurture leads; it actually provides your Sales team a framework for systematically and effectively closing more deals, based around your company’s marketing content and insights.

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How To Map Explainer Videos To the Buyer's Journey

In 2015 and beyond, mapping your content marketing to the Buyer’s Journey will become even more important. Buyers today are well researched and spend a considerable amount of time making purchase decisions, especially B2B buyers. Everything from blog articles to videos will have to be created and distributed with the stages of the Buyer’s Journey in mind. 

Videos continue to pick up steam as a leading factor in B2B content marketing strategies, particularly explainer videos. Understanding how to create the right kind of video for the right buyer can make or break the success of this strategy. Here’s an overview of what types of videos perform best at each stage of the Buyer’s Journey, and a closer look at the effectiveness of using explainer videos to engage potential buyers.

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How To Redesign Your Cold Calling Strategies

Cold calling is one of the fundamental strategies that sales teams use--it's been that way probably since the phone's creation. Cold calling can also be one of the most challenging aspects of a sales rep's job. Today, it is not uncommon to receive 4, 5, or 6 calls per day from sales people trying to pitch you on how they can help your business.

Clearly, it is hard to know whom to trust. Here are some ways to remedy the challenges of cold calling. 

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Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn't Generating Leads

When it comes to your online marketing strategy, your company’s content is king.  In order to make the most of it and get the highest possible return on investment (ROI), it's not enough to simply publish a few blog articles here and there. You have to get your content out there and make sure it's doing its job in order to generate those qualified leads you want.

The content you produce has the potential to bring in quality leads if you do it correctly. However, many companies see that their content marketing strategies fall short for a number of reasons. But why do companies see this shortfall?  Why aren't you seeing the lead generation you had hoped for?

Below you will find the most common reasons why content marketing strategies fall short, as well as some tips for avoiding them and optimizing your content for a higher ROI.

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3 Super Easy Tips For Increasing Webinar Registration

We live in a busy world these days. It’s hard to grab anyone’s attention, let alone your prospects.

So how are you going to promote your upcoming webinar AND get people to sign up? These webinar tips will help you promote smarter to boost registration and attendance.

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SEO vs. Content Marketing: The Evolution of Quality Over Quantity

“Delivering an exceptional experience and building a true web brand are now essential to long-term SEO success,” Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz, an authority in search ranking. 

We couldn’t agree more. After decades of being in the leader position of digital marketing strategies, SEO is losing ground to an up-and-coming player in the game—content marketing. More specifically, user-friendly content marketing. So what’s all the hype about? And where does SEO fit in today’s marketing environment?

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